Getting Older and Wiser

Grover at 6 Weeks Old

This Friday will be my tenth birthday, an old man in dog years. I hear most older humans say they don’t feel as old in their head as their chronological age says they are and I agree. I still feel like I am five. Except for my recent health issues that I am now fully healed from, I am still as spry as a young puppy, as long as I take the occasional nap.

Over the past few weeks I have heard some whispers about a surprise birthday party during this morning’s group therapy session. I hope it’s true. I love a good party, don’t you? The mile stones in our lives should be celebrated with the people we care about. The favorite part of my birthday besides dog treats and new toys is when Doc and the patients that have known me since I started work as a therapy dog, tell stories about me when I started my training and coming to work as a puppy. I especially like it when Doc reminds me of the day that she picked me up from the Black’s farm and brought me home. Out of all my seven brothers and sisters in the litter, Doc chose me. I often think how lucky I am to hear that I was loved from the very beginning of my life as I am aware that is not true for everyone. It’s always good to count your blessings.

The one piece of advice that I would pass on to you in my advanced age is to keep doing the things you love no matter how old you are. I often hear people use the excuse that they are too old to do this or that. Pashaw! If you want to be happy in life, stay interested, busy, curious, keep moving, set new goals and spend time sharing what you have learned with others. I plan on working as a therapy dog for the rest of my years on earth and of course I have to watch out for Doc. I will tell you a secret, she thinks she watches over me but I actually take care of her, a full time job.

So today I will act surprised when I go into the group room this morning when everyone wishes me a Happy Birthday! Then I still have Friday to look forward to, my actual birthday. I sure hope Doc gets me a pup cup from Dairy Queen. That would make my birthday perfect.