What a Nice Surprise!

Monday morning I was in the break room at work, quietly checking the contents of the kitchen trash, when I was interrupted by someone calling my name. I heard them tell someone that Amazon had left me a package. ” For me? ” I thought to myself. “That has never happened.” So I rushed down the hall as one of the psychologists was coming toward me with a fairly big box. Doc was in another office with a co-worker and upon hearing about the package, everyone’s interest was peaked. As we all gathered around to see what it was, Doc’s co-worker pulled out the scissors to open it. As I peered over the desk I could see another package inside the box all wrapped up in plastic and smooshed down flat. ” What in the heck is that? ” I thought to myself as we all curiously looked inside. There is nothing like a good mystery to start off a Monday morning.

After taking the bag out of the box, we had to open that one as well. The anticipation was starting to feel like torture as we tried to see what the gift was. I did my part by sniffing it to see if it was something tasty to eat, but it wasn’t. As Doc grabbed the thing and expanded it, it started to look like a big hamburger bun with lettuce on the top. At first I was a little leery, but when Doc explained that it was a toy to hide treats in and I would have to sniff them out, I was all on board. But the very best part, was the note included in the box from one of Doc and my patient’s that thanked me for helping them and being such a good support pooch, comforting them when they needed it.

I was so touched I teared up a little. Everyday I go to work with Doc with the intention of helping the patient’s we serve, not looking for any thanks. It was so nice to be remembered.

The rest of the day I kept Doc busy hiding treats in my new toy. Anything that includes treats is a winner in my book!