Building Bridges

Photo by Angela Kirk

Since I was a young pup, Doc has told me that as I journey through my life, stones will be placed in my way and it will be up to me if I choose to use the stones to build a bridge or a wall.

In my early years, I was not sure what that meant. I was immature and protecting my ego by proving I was right. That was more important to me than listening to and respecting other’s opinions. Shutting my doggy friends down by barking louder and often using my size to intimidate them left them feeling defensive and over time, no one wanted to play with me anymore. The walls I built left me feeling lonely. Through it all Doc gently tried to guide me and allowed me to tell her how I was feeling without judgement. “Some things you just have to learn from experience, putting your ego aside can be hard” she said. It took time but I finally learned my lesson.

Right now we could really use some more bridges in this world. The disagreements and arguing over the pandemic and politics have driven a big wedge between some family and friends. The sad thing is that we all really have more in common than we think and thats always a good place to start. With Thanksgiving approaching, it might be a good time to extend the proverbial olive branch toward building those bridges again.

” Bridges symbolize change and flexibility! They show us this simple philosophy: When you are on one side, you can easily move to the other side.” Mehmet Murat ildan








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  1. Connie Siegle Avatar
    Connie Siegle

    Dear Grover, first of all , great picture ! I really like your post it seems to fit right in the heart of the matter I actually have people I thought were friends stop talking to me because of my political views. We live in the greatest country where we have many liberties and freedoms. We are all in this together. I am a very grateful person who knows if I need help someone out there could help me. Thank you for your words of wisdom