Life Lessons From a Turtle

Photo by Angela Kirk

It’s important to take a break from your regular routine and that is just what Doc and I did last week. For one week we went our separate ways and I have to confess that it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Since vacation means to vacate, I went to spend time at my veterinarian’s office cheering up the staff and the sick animals. I love all the staff and after a year of not working, it was nice to give back to others again. Doc on the other hand left town and it sounds like all she did was eat, lay around and sleep for a week. That’s not my idea of a fun time but to each his own and we should do what restores us.

When Doc and I got back home again she told me that she was talking a walk the first morning of her vacation and came across a Tortoise moseying across the road. She said that she stopped and watched the slow precision and focus he had on his journey toward the water he was moving toward. ” I came to admire how he went about his task with such calm energy like he didn’t have one care in the world”, she said with wonder. “I guess that’s the problem I replied, we end up having ideas in our head about what we should be doing rather than what is best for our mental well being.” It occurred to both of us as we were discussing this that If we really listen to our inner voice and honor what we need, we would lead happier and healthier lives. Who knew you could learn so much from watching a turtle?






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  1. connie siegle Avatar
    connie siegle

    Dear Grover, It is always nice to hear from you guys and I hope all is well with you, we are doing great. I learn bunches of things from the animals around me so this does not sound weird in the least but a tortoise is a hard one for me, they are extremely slow the polar opposite of how I move ! Yes this is something I try to improve on because I miss out on so much. Thank you for reminding me of the joys of slowing down to just let life happen, smiles Hopefully we will get to see each other in the near future until then stay safe stay happy, connie