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  1. Terra and Gaia Avatar
    Terra and Gaia

    Our human comes home and many times smells like a strange dog. We know the dog isn’t part of our family. After interrogating our human recently, he spilled the catnip. We constantly have to mark his boots and pant legs when he gets home to make sure other strangers don’t try to steal him. We just wanted you to know that we now know with whom he’s been consorting, and we’re a little jealous.

    Terra and Gaia

    P.S. I’m glad you’re on your diet, because that means my human can give me more goodies and treats. Terra’s picky, but I’m not. I must say, though, that eating a glove and tissues can’t be as good as salmon, tilapia, tuna, broccoli, corn, or Doritos.


  2. connie Avatar

    Dear Grover, I loved your post about Memorial Day ! What a concept, my mind doesn’t usual go here but we do have many people in our lives that never get recognition because we only occasionally think of them. From Congressmen who help pass bills to help communities to Policemen who patrol our streets at night so I can sleep without worrying ( too much ,lol ) as usual , another thought provoking post from one of my favorite dogs,,, connie

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