The Shake Down

I am not one to gossip, but today I am making an exception. Did you ever notice that no matter where you work that there are certain personalities that seem to make up the group you work with? As the therapy dog, I have all day to observe, size people up and then look for opportunities that may benefit me.

You know that one co-worker that always leaves their dirty dishes in the sink? At least you could put them down on the floor where I would be happy to lick them clean. Or what about Suzie Snacker.? As soon as she leaves the office, I sneak in to eat whatever she has dropped on the floor. But my favorites, are the fellow employees that keep snacks in their desk drawers. I know this because my smell is so acute that I can smell food from clear down the hall.

Why, just this morning after I heard one of my favorite co-workers, Von come into his office, I ran down the hall to see what food he had stashed in his drawer today. Doc was in the other end of the building and did not know I had escaped from our office. When she noticed I was gone I could hear her asking people if they knew where I was. Von responded saying” Grover’s in here trying to shake me down for snacks.”

Knowing I am not suppose to beg for food, I tried to act all innocent when she came in to the office, like I was just visiting. But she is hard to fool and Von was more than happy to let her know I had been eating potato chips. He even told her that he had to show me that the bag was empty of all chips before I would leave him alone. Well, you never know when someone may be holding out on you. Doc was not happy and told me to stop begging. I can’t help it if I’m so cute that everyone wants to feed me.

After I got caught, Doc made me go back to the office where I fell asleep. I knew I needed to get some rest before lunch time, when the staff is heating up their food in the microwave. That is when I really get some tasty eats! I really do have a wonderful life.