The Tall Tales we Tell

When Doc answered the phone I really didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but my puppy ears perked up when I heard her talking about my two dog buddies that live next door. Apparently their humans were going to go out of town for the day and they asked if Doc could take care of them while they were gone. Of course she said yes, and I knew what that meant, a wild Saturday outside with my best friends Frankie and Norman. A day filled with play and telling wild stories was just what the doctor ordered after the tough week we had.

After much pestering, Doc went next door to get my friends at about 10am. It was kind of rainy, but since we are all water dogs, we didn’t care. The first thing I did, was to show them where I jumped on the skunk that had been feasting on the yellow jackets in our yard. I could tell they were impressed by my bravery. Doc just rolled her eyes when she heard me tell them how I had wrestled that wild skunk to the ground and chased him out of the yard to save Doc from it’s clutches When Frankie asked if I had been scared, I fibbed and told them no. The truth was I had been as surprised as the skunk had been and couldn’t wait to get away from that stinky thing, but you sure don’t want to admit that to your buddies.

After I was done regaling them with my bravery, we spent the rest of the time chasing a ball, wrestling in the yard and then it was time to go in the house for water, dog treats and a nap on the couch next to Doc while she was watching the OSU football game. After a while, Doc told Norman and Frankie that she was going to take them home as their humans would be home soon.

When Doc got back home she asked me: ” Grover, why did you tell Norman and Frankie that you weren’t scared of that skunk when I knew that you were?” “Well. I replied, you can’t admit that to your guy friends, they would think you were a big baby.” I replied with conviction. ” Where on earth did you learn that?” she asked. ” Well everybody knows that Doc, it’s bro code.” I said. Then Doc looked at me with that serious look she gets on her face when she wants to make a point and said, ” Grover, it’s ok to admit it when you are scared and talk about your feelings. That takes courage and I know you are a brave dog in so many ways.”

Of course, Doc was right as usual. It can get exhausting trying to pretend everything is ok when it isn’t. Here’s what I decided after giving it some thought. You just never know, if you are brave enough to open up and talk about your feelings, you might help someone else feel safe enough to talk about theirs as well.






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  1. Tanya spencer Avatar
    Tanya spencer

    What a wonderful story. Yes grover you are brave, in more ways then none. You admitted your fear and spoke of what most humans do, letting out there feelings. You and doc make a great team. You always give me strength to move past my struggles and to not be ashamed of my feelings. Thanks grover and thanks doc. Can’t wait for your next post.