You’ve Kept Me in Stiches

There was never a time in my life that I thought that I would actually look forward to a medical procedure but I am really happy about the one I am having today. This afternoon after work, I will go to veterinarians office to have the stiches removed from my surgery sites. It’s time to move forward from all of my medical problems and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

So, good riddance to the tee shirts I have had to wear 24/7 to keep my sutures clean. I am more than ready to embrace my naked fir coat again. Now I can go on walks in the neighborhood without other dogs giving me the side eye because they wonder what I am wearing and why. The humans that we encounter show empathy after Doc tells them my medical story of whoa, but not the dogs. They are ruff in there remarks and let me tell you some of these fancy coifed Doodles on my street are just plain snobby and make judgements about my appearance because I am not wearing a designer tee shirt. So rude! You just never know what someone is going through.

For example, yesterday we got to work at about 5:45am. Doc opened the door of the building and the alarm started going off. She does not have a code to shut it off, so we hurriedly went in the office and contacted administration before the police showed up. It would just be our luck to get arrested trying to come to work on time. Wouldn’t that make a good story? Anyway the alarm was disarmed quickly but it put us a bit behind on our schedule. I could tell Doc was a little stressed because she was running late. Doc is usually pretty good about redirecting herself, but I could tell she was having to push herself to get to her patients on time. As a result, she started trying to rush me around and I don’t like that one bit, especially when I am trying to use the bathroom. i don’t know about you, but I need some peace and quiet. Now, if someone was observing from the outside it might look like some pushy woman trying to boss her dog around, but that wasn’t the whole story now was it?

All of this makes me reflect on the importance for all of us to find out the facts and not just make assumptions.