Just Relax

Photo by Angela Kirk

Sunday started out as one of those cold and drizzly spring mornings.  It was the kind of day that all I wanted to do was to curl up on the couch under a warm soft blanket with Doc and drift in and out of dreamland. The house was blissfully quiet except for the sound of two robins singing just outside the window. I should have been in heaven, but that gnawing feeling in my brain that I should be doing something rather than lying around started growing more intense. What was happening? I am usually the poster child for chill. Could Doc and her obsession with chores be rubbing off on me?

I looked over at Doc who was quietly sipping coffee and reading the Sunday paper like she didn’t have a care in the world.  Sensing my unease she said ” What’s wrong Grover, you seem a little out of sorts this morning?” ” Shouldn’t we be doing something?” I asked. “Like what?” she inquired. “Woman, we have chores to get done today. For starters you need to take me for a walk, then you need to paint the porch furniture and I have to finish that hole I am digging under the fence. Time to get busy, chop, chop!”  ” Grover, for Pete’s sake, calm down and please stop trying to boss me around.” Doc said as she gave me a gentle pat on the head. ” It’s Sunday morning and our time to relax. Taking time for ourselves is just as important as chores and let me tell you why. People that relax benefit by having decreased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, decreased anxiety and depression, relaxed muscles, reduced pain and it also increases feelings of self-worth. Caring about yourself means taking the time to slow down and enjoy the moment. All that other stuff can wait until later, the world won’t end if we don’t get all our chores done today.”

Who was this new Zen person I was living with? She was changing her view on life and I have to say she was right. Following her lead I went over to the window where I could watch the squirrels in the back yard running around patching their squirrel condos with leaves and stopping to dine an occasional nut. After a while I got so tired I fell right to sleep, the ultimate way to relax.






2 responses to “Just Relax”

  1. Tommy McCown Avatar
    Tommy McCown

    You always inspire me to improve my life and help give me the right direction for bettering myself “!! Is always look forward to reading your blog and making sure THAT I’m on the right track “!!!? God bless you my friend Shalom

  2. connie Avatar

    Dear Grover, I sometimes relax and read a little ,brush my kitty or maybe watch some TV but I must tell you this, it is very hard for me to not stay busy I think I gauge my self worth with getting thing done. If i could figure out how to be proud of my accomplishments without killing myself , I would be a much happier person. Thanks for sharing with me and thank the Doc. I will try to incorporate more relax time into my schedule. connie