Left Behind But Not Forgotten

Well she did it again. Doc left me in the cold and snowy mid- west while she flew to sunny warm Florida to hang out with her friends. I knew something was up when she got out her suitcase, her bathing suit, shorts and sandals. But as usual, I stayed in denial until the last-minute when she said good-by at the veterinarians office where she boards me. I could tell she felt a little guilty, but not enough to take me with her. The reality is that I have a secret, I actually had a good time while she was gone.

Being that it is February, there are not many dogs being boarded and the few that were there were nice and quiet. I don’t want to brag, but I am popular with the staff and they think I am just about the  most perfect dog. The nice vet techs that take care of me gave me treats, hugs, extra belly rubs and played with me outside every day. What more could a dog want? They even took selfie’s of me and posted them on my Facebook page with the caption, ” We absolutely adore him!” It’s enough to give me a big ego if I’m not too careful. Now I know what famous people go through with all their fans.

Before I knew it a whole week had gone by. Doc showed up as soon as her plane landed to take me home. I have to admit I was so happy to see her that I ran over and sat on her feet so she wouldn’t leave. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the head in return.  When you live with someone it’s easy to get on each others nerves sometimes and you can even fantasize about what it would be like without them. Time apart can help you gain some perspective and appreciate what you love about that person. I think it is true when they say distance makes the heart grow stronger.

Just for good measure, I have not allowed Doc out of my sight since we have been home. You never know when she could slip out the bathroom window with out me knowing it.







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  1. connie s siegle Avatar
    connie s siegle

    Dear Grover, I absolutely agree, ” absence makes the heart grow fonder ” if truth be told , it is probably healthy for any relationship to spend some time apart, lol I am glad you had fun and everyone is back home and safe