You Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down

It has been more than a minute since I was able to post on my blog. A bunch of what they call “bad actors” infiltrated my blog, filled every post with malware and Doc and the IT team had to start all over from scratch. Sadly, we lost 10 years of blogs that Doc and I had written. But, because you can’t keep a good dog down, here I am back again. Sometimes things happen in life and you just need to shake it off, pick up where you left off and start over fresh. There was no way that Doc and I were going to let a bunch of internet hackers keep us down.

So much has happened since we last posted a blog, I will just high lite the important stuff. In March, Doc went away for ten days and left me in the good hands of the boarding staff at my veterinarian. I always act like I am devastated when Doc leaves but the truth is I have a great time while she is gone. I get the attention of a celebrity and there are lots of staff to play with that give me kisses, belly rubs and extra treats.

On April 1, CompDrug, the place we work started a new program in the building next to ours. We opened a new Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for the patients that need some more care and structure. When I found out that the staff in that building were having what they call Friday Fun Day complete with good food, I had Doc take me over to check it out. Poor Doc, I actually feel sorry for her sometimes. We went over there one Friday morning and when police officer Riley saw me, he went straight into the kitchen and brought me a plate of pulled pork. He never even offered Doc a tiny morsel, nor did he even acknowledge she was with me. I guess there can only be one star per family.

On April 8th, we watched the eclipse with hundreds of thousands of people across America. It was heartwarming to see everyone gathered to see this fabulous celestial event with no arguing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be this peaceful with each other all the time?

Next week, Doc and I are going to the Veteran’s Administration to spend some time with Vietnam Veteran’s. So I will let you know how that visit goes. I am really looking forward to thanking the veterans that served our country.

Now that it’s spring, Doc and I have been spending a lot of time outside communing with nature. There is nothing more relaxing than being with all the critters that come in our yard to visit. The weather has been so nice that I often take a nap under the pear tree. What a great way to relax.


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  1. Connie Avatar

    It is very nice to hear you are still writing your blogs, it saddens me to hear that someone tried to quiet my second favorite dog but like you said
    “ can’t keep a good dog down” I am curious about the new program offered at your work place I love to hear/see about positive life solutions . Have a wonderful day my friend

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