Doggy Rehab, No more Treats

My medical status has improved since being released from the Ohio State University Veterinary hospital last week and now I am rehabilitating at home and at work. They took good care of me, but I never want to go back to the hospital again. Once is enough in this dogs lifetime. Doc is a good caretaker and watches every thing I eat from the time It enters my mouth to the time it exits out the other end, she is alert to any abnormality in my system. Doc would have made a good CIA agent as she doesn’t miss a beat.

While in the hospital, they determined that I probably had a food allergy for the second time in my life and so we have changed my diet again. I guess I am more delicate than I realized and need to be pampered in every way, including my diet. So off to the pet store we went on Sunday to find a low fat dry food that did not have any lamb, chicken or byproducts. I am now eating a food with cod and vegetables with added probiotics. I also get a 1/2 teaspoon of Metamucil in my food for extra fiber like a little old dog. I know it sounds awful, but I actually like it. The bad thing is that Doc has sent out an all points bulletin to the staff where we work with strict orders not to feed me dog biscuits or food of any kind. Can you believe she did that? She also encouraged any staff to tell on me if they see me begging for treats from anyone. I tried to sneak in to one of the counselors office this morning to nab a donut while Doc was busy but he “ratted” me out. How do you like that? She’s getting my own co-workers to tattle on me.

Oh well. I have to say I am doing much better, so whatever she and the doctors decided it’s working and I’m back on the mend. Sometimes in life you need to make changes to support your health. I don’t know anyone that likes giving up the stuff they enjoy, but over time the rewards are better health and that’s always worth the effort.






2 responses to “Doggy Rehab, No more Treats”

  1. Wayne Avatar

    Aww….I am glad you’re better. We had to get special food like that for Brady.

    1. Grover Avatar

      Thanks, Now if it would only cool down so Doc and I can go on our long walks again.